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50 Years of Excellence in Electrical and Building Technology, Delivering Quality Solutions Globally with Expert Precision.

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since 1970since 1970

About Eltec Green

Drawing upon decades of expertise and a steadfast commitment to innovation, we pave the way towards a sustainable energy future. Our diverse range of highly efficient and reliable power transformers caters to the evolving needs of the electrical power industry. Whether you require small distribution transformers or large power transformers, we possess the capability to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to your exact specifications.

Mission Statement

We have a strong commitment as an energy provider and as a project developer to sustainability. To realize our vision, we believe in an energy mix of clean technologies suitable for the local area’s energy needs and resource availability.​

Vision Statement

To create a sustainable energy future by introducing economically- sound and technically appropriate, clean energy solutions for us and future generations

About Eltec GreenWe work for you since 1970

ELTEC powers seamless solutions worldwide. Specializing in electrical systems, building automation, and cutting-edge technologies, we bring tailor-made expertise to diverse projects. From constructing data centers to modernizing offices and implementing renewable energy systems, ELTEC is your trusted partner for competence and reliability. Energize your vision with ELTEC’s commitment to excellence.

Electricity is crucial for functionality, powering from basic needs to advanced solutions. ELTEC offers global, customized solutions, focusing on electrical systems and building automation, integrating technology, energy management, and security systems. We rely on cutting-edge technologies and skilled staff. ELTEC, known for competence and reliability, handles  various projects including new

shopping/data centers, office/hotel/hospital modernization, power substations, airport management, and large-scale renewable energy systems. Our goal is excellence in diverse worldwide projects.

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